Marfa / Alpine - Touchdown

We’re here - prep tomorrow and then on to the first day…guess we brought the rain with us.

55% + PrePro

Hey guys we’re at 55% of our goal on Kickstarter with 20 days to go!  If you haven’t, please take a look and pass it on!

Production is moving along swimmingly; we’re just getting the final details in place.

We’re also going to be shooting at a great dancehall in Coupland, TX run by the nicest folks you’ll meet:

More to come…

Kickstarter Live!

Greetings - the Kickstarter page for this film just went live!  Please take a look and pass it on!


Successful round of casting in LA.  Selected cast updated soon!

Kickstarter coming soon…

Kickstarter coming soon…